Love Is In the Air…

Wow.  So appreciative of the love we have seen on Facebook and at our latest shows. We have some exciting things happening that would give any man “Wood”. It is going to be a lot of hard work and time but well worth the “Orgasmic” final product. We are working with a producer and the rest of the fine staff at Mansion Audio in Binghamton, NY. We were the 2nd most downloaded band at Mohawk Radio last week, check it out !  Also on the horizon… We have been talking to the director of a horror film “Baby Doll”. He wants to use the songs “Halloween Girl” and “Stupid” for the film. He has also asked us to write a song for the final scene of the movie.  The Pushrods Take over Neo-Zine so head over there to see our Neo-Zine Interview.  To check out the Pushrods July Interview with Punk Globe go to their site and check that out!

And a special thanks to everyone who came to our CD Release Party @ Castaways! Especially Towing Sicklerville NJ! Hey there all you War Mongers!!!! What do you think of the new look to our site? It’s definitely killer!!! Thank our good brother Bucky from NC for it. It’s been awhile since I have been on here and filled your ears with some “Hot” Push Rods updates. Our CD release party @ Castaway’s went great!!!! I have never seen so many Push Rods t-shirts in one gathering! Our buddy Trevor and a bunch of his friends came all the way from Utica for the show. It was a really good time, a lot of cool people. I got to autograph CDs!!!

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