We’re Back!

Hi all you Crazy-Ass Punks … sorry for the blog going down for awhile we have been busy as hell. We played some shows plus still plugging away on getting this new Kick-Ass CD recorded. I laid down drum tracks for the next 2 songs (makes 4 total) almost 2 weeks ago, which went extremely well (no mic or drum head issues this time), I will tell you one of the songs I tracked is the song for the horror film “BabyDoll”… this is one fast, Kick-Ass song. Let’s put it this way: the click track I played to was set at 268 beats per minute !!! Ron and Ritchie recorded bass and guitar for the first 2 songs. Ritchie worked with our producer last night on the vocals for the first 2 songs and is scheduled to track one of them this Sat.

We have 11 songs fully written with 4 more to go. We are going to actually start tracking within the next couple of weeks which means a lot of work, swearing and broken sticks for me! Looks like we might be making another trek to Tampa to be on the movie set of “BabyDoll” to shoot a music video for one of our songs being used in the movie soundtrack. There is also a very good chance of playing a show with “the Independents” who also will be featured on the soundtrack. don’t forget to come back often to keep updated … 04-16-06 Happy Bunny day !!!! Just little update on things going on in the Porn Punk world of the Push Rods … first off pre-production with producer Jeff DaBella @ Mansion Audio on our new CD is going really well. Speaking of which the Binghamton PD have shown up twice now since we have been working there! Ritchie has been reading the script to Sub-Genre films horror movie “BabyDoll” to write a song for the end of the movie along with them using our songs “Halloween Girl” and “Stupid”.

Check out our old gig at This Aint Hollywood on YouTube:

And here is an extrmemly special thanks to Tree Service Arlington TX , #1 Sponsor!!

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